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Research Service

The Museum Team can undertake research on your behalf through our Research Enquiry Service. We ask for a donation of £25 to undertake our research. This donation supports the Museum’s work to care for and maintain our archive and museum collection through the provision of storage materials and object conservation.

Please note every effort will be made to answer your enquiry however we cannot guarantee that we can find an individual or information you are looking for. Before submitting your enquiry, please read through our Research Guidance below.

The Museum’s extensive archive holds documents, books and photographs relating to the history and individuals of the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders, 93rd Sutherland Highlanders and the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. It includes nominal rolls, enlistment books, personal diaries and letters, Battalion histories, Regimental magazines and selected war diaries. Please note that due to data protection and the availability of modern records, we only have limited access to post 1920 records.

Find out more about how we carry out a research enquiry on our Museum Blog.

Research Guidance

The Museum does not hold personal service records, instead these may be found in the following locations:

Soldiers’ documents from this period are held at the National Archives at Kew and can be found online through paid subscription services such as Find My Past, Ancestry and Forces War Records. Ancestry can be accessed for free through selected local libraries. Please note that a large proportion of records were destroyed in the Blitz during the Second World War.

The MoD have now moved some of these records to The National Archive. First you need to enquire with The National Archives for the records you are looking for. If they confirm they do not have this record, you can then try the MoD. Some records are still held by the MOD’s Army Personnel Centre. Applications can be made here. Please note that these are confidential records and may not be made available to general enquirers.

1963-Present Day
These records are still held by the MoD’s Army Personnel Centre. Applications can be made here. Please note that these are confidential records and may not be made available to general enquirers. Whilst a death certificate isn’t essential, it may allow you to access more information. The MoD has now put a cap of 5 applications per year per person for this service. 

Licensing and Images

The Museum has a large photographic archive, but as the majority of our images are unnamed, we will only be able to provide images of individual soldiers in exceptional circumstances. The Museum can provide individual and group images for both personal and commercial use for a fee of £25 (personal) or £50 (commercial). However commercial permissions are subject to the context use of any image. Please contact to find out more.

Research Enquiries Form

To submit a research enquiry, please follow the Enquiry Form link below. Please include all known details about the individual or group, including a Regimental Number if available. Once assessed, you will receive a reply from a member of the Museum Team to direct you to our donation page. Please allow up to 8 weeks to complete a search.

To submit a research request, please complete the Enquiry Form below. For individuals, please include as much information as you are able. If your enquiry does not relate to an individual, please list your research question and all known information under “Any Other Information”.

We will check your enquiry as soon as possible and send payment details. Please allow up to 8 weeks to receive the results of your enquiry.

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