Veteran Support

Finding new opportunities for your personal and professional development can help you achieve your potential and fulfil your aspirations as a veteran. Here are some tips to help you with your opportunities:

Career Transition Partnership – Explore your career options and opportunities in the civilian sector. You can use your skills, qualifications, and experience from your military service to find suitable jobs or start your own business. You can find a list of career options and opportunities on the website.

Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme website – Pursue your education or training goals and enhance your knowledge and skills. You can access various education or training programmes and courses that are tailored to your needs and interests as a veteran. You can find a list of education or training programmes and courses on the website. 

Veterans Scotland website – Participate in community or social events and activities that can enrich your life and wellbeing. You can join various community or social groups and networks that can offer you friendship, support, and fun.

Defence Leaders are dedicated to creating customer-centric conferences and exhibitions catered to the specific needs of the Defence marketplace. Each event provides briefings and in-depth analysis of future requirements, facilitating thought leadership, networking and brand awareness throughout the Defence community.

Veteran Support Links that may be useful to you:

    • Advice and support for veterans & ex-forces – Veteran Gateway: This is a website that provides information and support for veterans and their families across various domains, such as housing, mental wellbeing, finances, and more. You can contact them 24/7 by phone, chat, text, or email. They can also have self-help resources and veterans ‘stories to inspire you.

    • Veterans UK – GOV.UK: This is a organisation that provides free support for veterans and their families, including a helpline. Veterans Welfare Service, Defence Transition Services, and injury/bereavement compensation scheme payments. You can also find guidance and news on armed forces pensions, medals and badges, service records, and more.

    • Veteran Support – MECC Link: This is a resource that connects you with the Armed Forces Charity SSAFA, which can help you with a range of issues, such as housing, health, employment, education, finances, and more. You can also find local contacts and events for veterans in your area.

    • Resources and support – Veterans Affairs: This is a website that provides FAQs about VA benefits and services, step-by-step instructions for using took, and other helpful articles. You can also talk to the Veterans Crisis Line if you need urgent help.

There are many different clubs that cater to different interests and activities for veterans, such as sport, cycling, breakfast, and socialising. Here are some examples of clubs that you might want to check out:

    • Veterans Athletic Club (VAC), – If you are interested in athletics, you can join the this club which is the oldest veterans-only athletics club in the UK. They organise various events and competitions for veterans of all ages and abilities, such as track and field, cross country, road running, and race walking. You can also enjoy the benefit of training, coaching, and socialising with other veterans athletes.

    • Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club (AFVBC)If you are looking for a casual and friendly way to connect with other veterans, you can join a breakfast club near you. They are free to attend and provide you a welcoming and inclusive environment where veterans can socialise, share stories, and support each other. They also have self-help resources and veterans’ stories to inspire you. You can find a club near you by using their map or contacting them by phone, chat, text, or email.

    • Veteran Golf for you – is another way to unwind with other veterans. Foundation course, employment and training are also available.

Other useful links: