Social Media and Online Platforms Guidelines and Policy

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum aims to keep the Argylls legacy alive. 

Our social media and online presence is focused on supporting this aim through, although not limited to, sharing stories and collections, advertising events and educational offers and promoting the latest news in the museum.

We encourage users to share stories, photographs and to engage with conversation.

However, the views expressed by our followers and online users are their own and may not represent the views of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Museum, its Trustees, employees, or affiliates.

We enjoy engaging with users online, but we ask users to respond with care, respect and tolerance for others.

We therefore have the following guidelines in place:

Safety/ Respect

Conversation and debate are welcome on our online platforms. We expects users to practice tolerance and respect for alterative view points and remember that behind the social media accounts are people.

We will remove any posts which contain abusive, offensive, defamatory, discriminatory, or unlawful text, images or videos from our online platforms. We retain the right to remove or hide offensive comments and block accounts who post them.


We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of social media platforms or users. We ask our followers and any online users to take care of their personal data, such as email addresses, contact details, addresses and birth details, in comments or posts.

Posts that include this information may be removed.


We put considerable effort into ensuring that information posted is correct at the date of publication. Occasionally, we may post links to other organisations, we are not responsible for any information that they post. Sharing posts from other organisations do not count as endorsements.


We ask users to keep comments relevant to the posts they are engaging with. Additionally, spam or repeated messages on multiple unconnected posts may be hidden or deleted.

Intellectual Property

We ask that users do not post any copyrighted material such as branded content, graphics, images or videos, unless they have permission to do so.


We will remove any links, messages, images, videos or text on our online platforms used to advertise individuals or business unless they have agreed in advance.

Users repeatedly posting such content may be blocked or banned.

Our working hours/What to expect

We try to monitor social media regularly between 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, but due to staff working patterns, these times may differ.

We aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible, but please be mindful that we are a small team and only one member of staff monitors all of the museums online platforms.

If you queries is urgent, you would like to pass on feedback, or make a complaint, you can email the museum on: or call the museum offices on 01786 448041.

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