My Student Placement Experience at the Argylls’ Museum

Most Thursdays from around September 2021, I have worked in the offices of the Argylls’ Museum gaining some excellent experience for my next steps. I attend Forth Valley College in Falkirk doing a Foundation Apprenticeship in Business Skills and the work placement was set up through my college and my course. The Museum is a great choice because I not only did I learn about how a real organisation is run, but I also got the opportunity to learn about the history of the Argylls and the castle at the same time!

Throughout my time working here I have been gaining the opportunity to see how an organisation is run, which has opened my eyes in many different ways as I can now see and understand that there is so much more going on that just the top layer that the public sees.

I have completed many different tasks such as checking and replying to emails, making and completing spreadsheets on different tasks, helping out at volunteer meetings and also attended a dementia training session. All of these things have given me the opportunity to work on my own skills and the opportunity to learn more skills.

When I  first started my placement I knew very little about the museum itself, I was given a tour and the place was like a maze to me. Everyone was so friendly and kind, not only the people in the office but also all the volunteers in the museum who speak to visitors. The volunteers are very knowledgeable and full of stories to tell people, I know this because it was one of my tasks to fill out a spreadsheet with our feedback forms.

After a while down in the museum I started to pick up on things and listen to the volunteers speaking to other visitors. This then made me look at and read the displays which are very informative and clearly laid out.

It has been great, not only learning about the admin/business jobs, but learning more about the museum and castle itself. My knowledge and understanding of tasks has improved due to my knowledge of the museum itself. I have enjoyed my time here and would highly recommend it to anyone who is not only interested in the business side of things but the history and knowledge side of things too.