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Can’t visit us? We can bring the Museum to you!

We offer a range of handling boxes which can be borrowed for free to help you explore life as an Argyll.

These boxes give you the chance to get up close to history and include a mixture of original and replica objects from different periods in The Argylls’ history. See how a Victorian soldier would dress, what equipment soldiers had to carry in World War I and World War II and how Britain coped at home while the soldiers were on the front.

Boxes can be borrowed for a period of up to 2 weeks. Subject to availability we can also bring them to you and run a handling session.

Handling Boxes

Find out all about the Victorian soldier, learn how to wear a triangular bandage, or see how you look in a feather bonnet or pith helmet! This box is a great way to learn about life as a soldier in the 19th century.

Investigate life during the Great War through this amazing selection of objects. From gas masks to post cards these objects bring history to life with the chance to look at and hold items used during World War I.
What was life like for a soldier during World War II? Learn all about the food, communication methods and weapons used by Argyll soldiers during the conflict.
Life on the Home Front was very different to today. This box helps you explore the challenges faced with air raids, rations, and black outs.