Getting Hands On With History

The opportunity to pick up a gas rattle, hold a field telephone or try on a feather bonnet is something that helps makes history come to life. We had this in mind when we launched our new handling boxes in October 2019 to provide schools and community groups the opportunity to get hands on with history. We currently cover 4 themes that touch on significant points in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders illustrious history. The boxes give everyone the chance to see history up close and imagine what it might have been like to be a soldier all those years ago.

The boxes that are currently available include:

The Victorian Soldier

Try on a feather bonnet or pith helmet. Can you smell that Carbolic Soap? How would soldier treat wounds in the Victorian Period?

World War One

Experience life during the First World War from the soldier cutting barbed wire on the front line to the young new recruit sending a postcard back to his sweetheart at home.

World War Two: On the Front

The different types of equipment made life on the front lines of WWII very different to the previous wars. Learn all about morse code, despatch drivers and the weapons used by soldiers during the Second World War.

World War Two: Home Front

War on the Home Front was a very different experience, where rationing and Air Raid Precautions became a part of every day life.

The boxes are packaged up into several flight cases to make transport of the original objects easy and safe. They have been a huge hit and we are keen to see more groups use them in their schools and community settings. We also plan to expand these themes soon to include a remembrance box of Argylls throughout their history and a 50s/60s era box as well.

The boxes have travelled far and wide throughout the regimental recruitment area, until March 2020 shut us down temporarily. We are now excited to re-launch the boxes from October 2021! They are available to borrow for up to 2 weeks. Depending on availability and current Covid guidlines someone from our museum team can come along with the boxes for a workshop with your group as well!

If you are interested in borrowing any of our boxes, contact for more information!