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Winter Lecture – ‘The Israeli – Palestinian Conflict – The Issues and Its Impact on the Middle East’

Colonel A K Miller CBE

A K Miller’s talk entitled ‘The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – The Issues and Its Impact in the Middle East’ seeks to present an objective view of the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He explains the history behind the establishment of the British Mandate in Palestine and of the State of Israel, examining the problems that this has created which to this day continue to fuel the conflict. He aims to allow listeners to draw their own conclusions from an informed and unemotional perspective.

The Speaker

In November 2003 he was appointed Defence and Military Attaché in the British Embassy, Tel Aviv, but also worked closely with the British Consulate General in Jerusalem which handled Palestinian affairs. He was closely engaged in furthering the Middle East Peace Process, delivering security sector reform to the Palestinians, and monitoring and reporting on the course of the 2nd Palestinian Intifada (uprising) against the Israelis. His work regularly took him to the West Bank and Gaza.
He provided support to the Palestinians during the Israeli withdrawal from their settlements in Gaza and spent much time working alongside other missions from the US, the EU and the UN. Work and pleasure took him to Jordan, Syria and Lebanon and along with his wife, Carol, he became an enthusiastic tour guide for their many visitors, becoming well acquainted with the Holy Land. He regularly returns to Israel. In 2017 he led a battlefield tour for the Friends of St Andrews Jerusalem to mark the 100th anniversary of General Allenby’s campaign and was last there in 2022 where he witnessed a worsening situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He will provide a perspective on the current conflict and consider where this may lead.



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