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Winter Lecture – ‘Personal Reminiscences of a Modern-Day Soldier – from Zimbabwe to Afghanistan’

Brigadier Bruce Russell MBE DL

Keen to seek out interesting operational postings, Bruce’s career, which included commanding The Argylls in Northern Ireland and Kenya, also saw him assessing the outstanding trout fishing opportunities in the post-conflict Falkland Islands. Looking after the senior journalists in the Gulf War was a rare insight into the minds of those who shape political thinking. Service in Kosovo and Iraq was followed by two one-year tours in Afghanistan, firstly as the Chief Planner for the US 3-Star General, training of the new Afghan Armed Forces, and subsequently building and developing the Afghan Officers’ Academy, dubbed the ‘Sandhurst in the Sand’ by the press. Thankfully he only did one job in the MoD, in Policy Planning, a sad tour working for the Director of Infantry during ‘Options for Change’ making the infantry smaller, a relatively short tour as Director of Staff in Joint Forces Command Northwood, and MA to the Military Secretary moving MS’s department from Northwood to the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow. This was all against a drumbeat of seven tours in Northern Ireland from platoon commander to Chief of Staff.

The Speaker

As a small boy, Bruce Russell wanted to follow his father into the medical profession, the profession of most of his immediate male relatives on both sides of his family. As was the case for that generation, all served in the Armed Forces in 20th Century conflicts, with a number in The Argylls. However, it became increasingly apparent that he was not going to make the grade as a doctor, so a spell in the Army would buy time to decide what he was really going to do, before getting a proper job. Surprised how much he enjoyed life in The Argylls, his Short Service Commission became a full career.


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