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Winter Lecture – ‘Korea – The Argylls First In’

Colonel A K Miller CBE

A K Miller returns to give a talk on the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. From The Argylls arrival from Hong Kong near Pyongsan, the Battalion, along with the Middlesex, formed part of 27 Infantry Brigade and were the first British troops to arrive in theatre. The Brigade subsequently became the 27th Commonwealth Brigade when joined by the Australians and Canadians. The first major engagement was on the Naktong River and there followed the Battle of Hill 282 when Maj Kenny Muir, the Second in Command was posthumously awarded the last Argyll VC. Airlifted forward to Kumpo, near Seoul, they then advanced in October as far north as Taechon on the Chinese border before being driven back south of Seoul in the grips of the Korean winter, finally taking up positions at Chanhowon-Ni known by the Jocks as ‘Frostbite Ridge’. With the advent of spring, the advance northwards began again, with the Battalion’s final engagement at Kap’yong on 4th April. Having handed their equipment over to 1 KOSB, they embarked for Hong Kong on USS Montrose at Inch’on.

The Speaker

A K joined The Argylls in 1973, was closely engaged in the 1st Gulf War whilst on the Defence Staff in Washington, liaising between Pentagon’s Joint Staff and the MOD. He returned to command the 1st Battalion in Germany, Shorncliffe and then latterly in West Belfast at the time of the PIRA ceasefire in 1994. He subsequently had an engaging time as the Defence Attaché in Israel from 2003-07. On leaving the Army he was Chief Executive of Highland RFCA before becoming Project Director for the redevelopment of The Argylls Museum in Stirling Castle which reopened in June 2021. He is currently Chairman of the Museum Trust.


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