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“Trench Gardens” – A temporary exhibition in The Colours Room

Our new temporary exhibition “Trench Gardens” has now opened.

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regimental Museum, along with partners at Winchester College, Lucy and Nigel Sailsbury and The Queen Victoria School, collaborated on a programme which helps school students reflect on the lives of World War One soldiers whilst actively taking part in gardening. This exhibition features not incredible objects from Argyll soldiers, as well as delving deeper into some of their stories but statement from the students and what they have learned.

This exhibition is open until November. Entry to the museum is free with a Stirling Castle ticket. You can book your ticket here: https://www.stirlingcastle.scot/visit/tickets/

Please note, this exhibition may be closed to the public if The Colours Room is being used for an event or an educational visit. This exhibition will be closed 10th-15th November due to other events.