Quiet Time – February

This is aimed at people with additional sensory needs or Autism.

Video screens, interactives and sound will be turned down or off, and a quiet space will be available on request.

For a pre-visit Visual Story please see https://www.docdroid.net/C84MrQd/visual-story-pdf and contact clare@argylls.co.uk with any questions.

Full access guides for the Argylls Museum and Stirling Castle can be found here: https://argylls.co.uk/accessibility/

Quiet Times are included in the entry price to Stirling Castle. For more information on this, please visit the Stirling Castle website: https://www.stirlingcastle.scot/visit/

Please be aware that a bagpipe handling session will also take place in the museum the same day. Please be assured, this will not start until people who are visiting for the Quiet Time have finished their visit.